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Vietnam Health Insurance Renewal

Vietnam Health Insurance is an annual contract.

When you purchase a Vietnam Health Insurance policy you are agreeing to hold the policy for a period of 365 days from policy inception. After the policy has run for 365 day the insurance will automatically renew unless you have notified the insurance company, in writing, of your decision to let the coverage lapse.

Renewing Your Policy

When you purchase a Vietnam Health Insurance plan you will pay for the policy annually in your choice of VND or USD, and either by Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

The health insurance underwriter stores this information for future renewals.

As you approach the final day for the existing contract of insurance the insurance company will send you a notice, prior to the expiration of the policy, notifying you of the upcoming renewal. The renewal notice will indicate the new premium for the new annual contract, and will be based on the age(s) of the individual(s) covered on the first day of the renewal policy.

You may change your method of payment at renewal, or choose to use the same method of payment as the previous policy year.

A New Year is a New Contract

When you renew your policy, it is important to understand that you are agreeing to a new contract of insurance. The insurance company may choose, entirely at their discretion, to amend the terms of the coverage being offered, or to change the premiums associated with the new coverage to reflect the changing risk of your policy.

If the insurer is significantly amending the terms and conditions of the policy you will receive a notification no less than 30 days before the end of the existing period of insurance. If you do not agree to the proposed terms and conditions offered by the insurer at your renewal you may provide written notice to the insurance company of your decision not to renew the policy.

This notification must be received prior to the last day of your existing coverage.

If you do not notify the insurer that you will not be renewing your policy under the new terms, then your health insurance plan will be renewed automatically.

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