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Creating Your Perfect Vietnam Health Insurance Plan

Vietnam health insurance plans are extremely flexible, giving you complete control of how the policy is set up and what benefits you will be receiving.

While all plans start with basic inpatient health insurance protection, you have the option of adding a range of additional coverage benefits to the policy, as well as tailoring aspects of your plan like the coverage area, deductibles, and co-pays.

As such, Vietnam Health Insurance is a robust and flexible way for you and your loved ones to ensure access to quality healthcare no matter what.

Step 1: Choose your inpatient cover

All Vietnam health insurance plans start with Inpatient Health Insurance. This means that in order to obtain any extended benefits under your policy, you must first have selected an inpatient module.

There are three options available for inpatient protection under a Vietnam Health Insurance policy; Essential, Extensive, and Elite. Each of these options will provide differing levels of hospitalization coverage.

For more information, please click Vietnam Inpatient Health Insurance.

Step 2: Choose your outpatient protection

Outpatient coverage is not a core benefit under a Vietnamese medical insurance plan. This means that you do not have to add outpatient medical protection to your policy.

If you choose to include outpatient cover on your Vietnam health insurance plan you are able to choose from three coverage levels: Essential, Extensive, and Elite. Each of these modules will provide different levels of protection against the costs of our outpatient medical treatment.

For more information, please click Vietnam Outpatient Health Insurance.

Step 3: Choose Maternity Cover

If you’re thinking about having a baby or starting a family in the future, then a Maternity Benefit added to your Vietnam Health Insurance plan can assure your baby of having the best possible healthcare from the moment of their birth.

Maternity is an optional addition to a Vietnam Health Insurance plan, meaning that you must first purchase an Inpatient Coverage Module.

For more information, please click Maternity Insurance in Vietnam.

Step 4: Choose Dental and Optical Protection

If you wish to round out your coverage, then you may wish to include an optional Dental and Optical coverage benefit. Available in three levels of protection, this benefit module ensures that your teeth and eyes are protected by your Vietnam health insurance policy.

For more information, please click Vietnam Dental and Optical Insurance.

Essential, Extensive, and Elite Protection

All the Benefits on offer under a Vietnam health insurance policy will come in three tiers – Essential, Extensive and Elite.

While all modules will offer these tiers with resepect to the coverage the benefit is providing there are some general themes across the ties; no matter which benefit module you may be considering:

Essential Module Options

Essential coverage is basic and affordable. This is the lowest tier of protection available.

Typically utilized only in catastrophe situations, the essential tiers have been designed for individuals or families wishing limited medical protection for accidents and serious medical conditions.

Extensive Module Options

The second tier of protection available under every benefit module is Extensive coverage. This option is slightly more expensive than essential coverage for most benefits, but offers stronger protection for the coverage of chronic conditions.

Additionally, Extensive options will also provide higher levels of protection against serious medical conditions.

Elite Module Options

Where you see an Elite option on a Vietnam Health Insurance policy you can rest assured that this is as comprehensive as it gets. Elite coverage options give you the highest limits, the widest range of benefits, and the assurance that you have the protection you need, when you need it.

Elite options also combine extremely well for maternity coverage, meaning that this is generally the best tier to choose if you are considering starting, or protecting your family.

How to Combine your Insurance Options and Benefits

All Vietnam Health Insurance plans will include non-optional inpatient health insurance. However, it is completely your decision as to whether any additional benefits are added to the plan.

For example, the following options are available on a Vietnam Health Insurance policy:

In addition to this, each benefit module on offer also allows you to select from one of 3 different tiers of coverage.

As such, there is a policy for every need, and every budget. With more than 50 possible combinations of benefit and coverage tier, the possibilities for customization are endless.

Full Customization of Your Vietnam Health Insurance

In addition to tailoring the benefits and protection offered by your Vietnam health insurance policy to meet your specific and exact requirements, you can also control the scope of your policy and have a significant impact on managing your premiums.

Geographical Area of Coverage

Vietnam health insurance plans will give you the ability to choose where in the world you would like to receive coverage.

All Vietnam medical insurance plans are able to offer you a choice of geographical areas of coverage. Options include:

Choosing to restrict the geographical area of coverage on your policy can yield significant premium savings.

For more information please click Vietnam Health Insurance Area of Coverage

Vietnam Health Insurance Deductibles

All Vietnam Health Insurance policies will give you the option of adding a deductible or co-insurance to the plan. A deductible is the amount of money you will contribute towards the cost of your care, with the insurer covering all remaining costs (up to the policy limit) after the deductible has been met.

Including a deductible or co-insurance on your Vietnam health insurance plan will mean that you lower your overall premium payment. By contributing towards the costs of your care you present less of a “risk” to the insurer.

For more information please click Vietnam Health Insurance Deductibles.

Free Vietnam Health Insurance Quotes

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