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Outpatient Health Insurance in Vietnam

Outpatient medical treatment is defined as any healthcare you may receive where an overnight stay in hospital, or similar facility, is not medically necessary.

While outpatient treatment is, generally, not as expensive as inpatient care, it is likely that you will receive far more outpatient treatment over the course of your life, and those costs can start to add up – especially if you have children. Outpatient health insurance in Vietnam is a supplemental coverage option on top of a core Hospitalization insurance module.

This means that in order to access outpatient health insurance protection you must have first purchased an inpatient health insurance plan. Please click Vietnam Inpatient Health Insurance for more information about this core module.

Outpatient insurance options in Vietnam are extremely flexible and will allow you a great degree of customization, including options that will even lower you premium!

Outpatient Insurance Coverage in Vietnam

All outpatient health insurance options will provide a number of standard benefits which are covered up outpatient coverage limit. These include:

It is important to note that some Outpatient options will have their own separate sublimit for outpatient treatment, while other options will use the overall maximum limit of the policy for the outpatient treatment limit. This is critical because, depending on the outpatient option you choose, you may have much more or much less coverage available.

Essential Outpatient Insurance

The first outpatient module available is Essential Outpatient. This is the basic option for extended protection and comes with a restricted annual outpatient limit of US$ 5,000 for all benefits. This means that while outpatient treatment is available, you will be restricted to no more than US$ 5,000 in covered costs over the course of the policy year.

On top of the standard coverage benefits, Essential Outpatient protection includes US$ 500 in annual cover for medical appliances and mobility aids. An additional US$ 500 per year is also available for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Complementary medical therapy.

Extensive Outpatient Insurance

The Extensive Outpatient insurance module offers you robust protection against your annual doctor’s expenses. Under this module you are covered for your yearly outpatient healthcare fees up to the policy maximum, giving you assurance that you are always able to receive covered care as and when you need it.

With the Extensive Outpatient module US$ 3,500 is available for lifetime psychiatric care ensuring that you are able to take care of your mental wellness, as well as your physical. The limit for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Complementary medical therapy is US$ 1,000 for year, and the module sublimit for medical appliances and mobility aids is US$ 2,000 per year.

A US$ 400 annual benefit is available for medical checkups and wellness tests, and US$ 100 for annual vaccinations.

Elite Outpatient Insurance

The top tier of outpatient protection on a Vietnam Health Insurance policy is the Elite Outpatient module. Tied to the overall maximum limit of the policy, and with an extremely high level of protection, all sublimits and benefits provide even higher levels of cover to give you the security you deserve.

US$ 5,000 in lifetime care is available for outpatient psychiatric treatment, while annual coverage for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Complementary Medical therapy is available to a limit of US$ 2,000 per year. The annual limit for medical appliances and mobility aids is US$ 3,500, while US$ 600 is available for medical checks and US$ 100 for annual vaccinations.

With the high sublimits for outpatient benefits and the fact that the outpatient coverage you receive is tied to your policy’s overall maximum limit, the Elite Outpatient Insurance module on a Vietnam health insurance plan is the best way to manage your every day healthcare expenses without hurting your bank account.

Managing Your Outpatient Insurance Premium

As an optional addition to your policy, choosing to include outpatient coverage can significantly raise your overall premium, especially if you have a US$ 0 inpatient deductible or if you are receiving worldwide coverage.

However, it is possible to manage the costs of adding outpatient protection to your Vietnam health insurance plan by including an optional outpatient Co-insurance of 20%.

Learn more about how co-insurance and deductibles by clicking Vietnam Health Insurance Deductibles.

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