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Inpatient Health Insurance in Vietnam

Inpatient medical care is defined as any treatment where an overnight stay in a hospital (or similar facility) is medically necessary. Inpatient medical treatment is the most expensive form of medical care available, with the costs of a single hospitalization likely to exceed the total medical bills an individual will receive over the duration of their life.

All health insurance products will start with inpatient coverage at their core. This means that in order to access extended benefits under a Vietnam health insurance policy you will need to first purchase an inpatient plan.

The good news is that these policies are extremely flexible and will allow you to pick the coverage levels that work for your specific needs.

Vietnam Inpatient Health Insurance Coverage

With overall annual limits ranging between US$ 100,000 to US$ 2,000,000, you get the ability to choose the level of protection that is right for your needs, and budget.

All Vietnam Health Insurance products mentioned on this website will include the following benefits as standard coverage, up to the policy limits:

However, with 3 inpatient modules on offer, there are a number of benefits that you have control over.

Essential Inpatient Coverage

The most economical of the options, an Essential Hospitalization plan allows you to choose between a coverage limit of US$ 100,000 or US$ 500,000 as your annual overall maximum benefit. This allows you to access a standard private room for your stay at the hospital, as well as 30 days of pre- and post-hospitalization coverage for a total of US$ 1,000.

Under an essential inpatient health insurance policy in Vietnam, Kidney Dialysis is covered up to US$ 5,000 per policy year, and organ transplant is covered up to US$ 50,000 per policy year.

If you elect to purchase the Essential inpatient coverage module, it is important to note that Congenital Conditions, Neonatal Disabilities, and Complications of pregnancy are not covered under this option. As such, while you may add maternity coverage to this module, it is not recommended that you use the essential inpatient module for your maternity policy.

Extensive Inpatient Coverage

Coverage under the Extensive Inpatient module starts with an annual overall maximum limit of US$ 1,000,000, and will also enable you to access a standard private room for your inpatient medical treatment.

There are significant improvements on the Extensive inpatient module over the Essential module. With Extensive, you have 60 days of pre- and post- hospitalization coverage for a total sublimit of US$ 2,000. Kidney Dialysis is covered up to US$ 50,000 per policy year, and organ transplant has a US$ 150,000 sublimit per policy year.

Additionally, under the Extensive Inpatient coverage option you are able to access limited emergency maternity benefits. Both Congenital Condition coverage and Neonatal Disability Protection are covered up to US$ 50,000 over the lifetime of the plan (after a waiting period), with the complications of pregnancy benefit covering up to the full policy limit on an annual basis.

Elite Inpatient Coverage

The Elite inpatient coverage module represents the highest level of protection available. With an annual over maximum limit of US$ 2,000,000 and your standard private room costs covered, you can rest assured that no matter what happens you will have access to the medical treatment you deserve.

Under this coverage module there is no monetary limit on your pre- and post-hospitalization care, but this is capped at 60 days for pre-hospitalization care and 90-days for post-hospitalization. Kidney dialysis costs are covered up to the policy limit and organ transplant costs are covered up to US$ 250,000.

The Elite Inpatient Coverage option also represents the best insurance proposition for maternity with respect to the standard benefits being provided. Congenital Conditions and Neonatal disabilities are each covered up to US$ 100,000 over the lifetime of the plan (after a waiting period), with pregnancy complications covered up to the overall maximum benefit of the policy.

Opting to start your policy with the Elite Hospitalization Module will ensure maximum utility and longevity for the plan as most of your medical costs are either covered as standard, or up to an extremely high annual limit.

However, it is important to note that this is the most expensive inpatient coverage option under a Vietnamese health insurance plan, and that opting to take the Elite module will significantly increase your overall premium.

Managing Your Inpatient Insurance Premium

Although obtaining the best possible coverage is always the goal, sometime the cost of the most comprehensive plan is out of our budget. The good news is that there are many ways you can manage your inpatient coverage insurance premium. Adding additional family members to the plan, choosing a different coverage area, or even adding a deductible to your policy are great ways to manage your costs.

Vietnam Inpatient Insurance Deductibles

Inpatient health insurance policies in Vietnam offer you the ability to choose from a wide range of deductible options. Very simply put, a deductible is the amount of money that you will contribute, personally, to the costs of your own medical treatment. With annual deductibles ranging from US$ 0 to US$ 10,000 per year, you are able to lower the overall premium you can expect to pay by paying for some of your medical care.

For more information, please click Vietnam Health Insurance Deductibles

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