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Dental and Optical Health Insurance in Vietnam

Dental and Optical Insurance benefits are the final option to round out your Vietnam or International Health Insurance policy.

Opting to include a Dental and Optical benefit on your Vietnamese health insurance plan ensures that you have the full protection you deserve against whatever health risks you may face, now and well into the future.

Please note that a Dental and Optical benefit is an optional addition to your policy. As such, you must first obtain an inpatient health insurance plan if you would like to receive health insurance protection against the costs of your dental treatment.

For more information, please click Vietnam Inpatient Health Insurance.

Dental and Optical Insurance Coverage in Vietnam

A dental and optical coverage benefit on your Vietnam Health Insurance policy will ensure that you are able to get the dental or optical treatment you need, when you need it.

Essential Dental Coverage

The first option for dental protection under a Vietnam health insurance policy is the Essential coverage module. Under the Essential option you will receive US$ 700 in annual coverage for minor dental treatments including routine checkups, cleanings, and simple extractions.

This limit is annually renewable, so each year you opt to continue your policy will see this limit reset.

Extensive Dental Coverage

Extensive dental coverage increases the overall protection that you receive through the insurance by including $1,500 per year in coverage towards major dental treatments, on top of the US$ 700 in minor dental protection you will receive.

Major Dental treatments include implants, root canals, and orthodontics. So if you have teenage children who will be needing braces soon, then Extensive dental protection may be right for you.

While no waiting period is attached to minor dental treatment, meaning that you are able to receive minor dental therapy as soon as you need it, there is a waiting period of 300 days attached to major dental treatment. This means that you must have been on your plan for at least 300 days (or just under a year) in order to receive coverage under the policy for Major Dental treatment.

For more information, please click Vietnam Health Insurance waiting periods

Elite Dental and Optical Coverage

The top option for dental and optical benefits under a Vietnam health insurance policy is the Elite Dental option. Under this option you will receive US$ 700 per year in minor dental coverage, US$ 1,500 per year in major dental coverage, and US$ 500 per year in coverage for eye exams, in addition to prescription lenses and contact lenses.

A waiting period of 300 days applies to all major dental treatment.

With respect to optical benefits, it is important to note that any pre-existing optical conditions which were displayed or of which the policyholder was aware prior to the commencement of the policy will normally be excluded from the plan.

For more information, please click Vietnam Health Insurance Pre-existing conditions.

Free Dental and Optical Insurance Quotes in Vietnam

If you would like a free quote for a health insurance plan in Vietnam which includes Dental and Optical coverage benefits, please complete the short form at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can request more details about our company, learn how we provide quotes, or get more information about Dental and Optical insurance options in Vietnam by Contacting Us.